Terms of Service

Last updated January 8th 2018

If you are interested in a commission, it is essential that you read my Terms of Service to understand how I work. Failure to do so may result in your commission slot being cancelled for that round of commissions. Please make sure to read these CAREFULLY before requesting a commission.

If you have any questions regarding my TOS, please email me at

‘I’ refers to I, the artist Matthew ‘Neonpossum’ Martin.
‘You’ refers to the paying client, also referred to as the commissioner.

Art Copyright and Distribution Rights

  1.  I, as the artist, retain intellectual property (copyright) of the work produced.
  2. I retain the right to reproduce and distribute the art for any non-commercial use (i.e. promotional use, portfolios).
  3. If you wish to obtain licensing of the artwork please contact me to discuss a flat fee or royalties.  
  4. You have the right to reproduce and distribute the art for your own non-commercial purposes, provided I am given credit for the artwork. This includes uploading to galleries and cropping into icons. This only applies to artwork that you have commissioned. 
  5. You may not reproduce or distribute the art for commercial purposes without a separate written agreement with myself and a fee paid. This falls under commercial work and industry rates apply. This must be stated prior to the commission agreement.
  6. I may not reproduce or distribute the art for commercial purposes without the permission of the client. This includes creating prints of the commission.
  7. I do not allow full resolution images to be posted to galleries. A resized and watermarked version will be provided for uploading purposes but the large version is for the commissioner only.

I, the Artist 

  1. Retain the right to post my artwork at any online gallery without the clients consent. If you wish for me NOT to post your commission online there is an extra 25% fee. The reason for this fee is because it costs me advertising and exposure.
  2. Retain the right to refuse, reject or cancel any commission at any stage if I feel the need to do so. You will receive a full refund if the cancellation is on the artist’s part, or a partial refund depending on what stage I am at.
  3. I do not tolerate bullying or harassment. If I feel I am being harassed I will cancel the commission and you will receive a partial or full refund. You may also be blacklisted.

Pricing and Payment

  1. All prices are in GBP (£). PLEASE note this is not the same as Euros (€) or Dollars ($). Invoices will be sent in GBP and it is up to you, the client, to work out the exchange rate into your own currency.
  2. All payments are requested via Paypal invoices and are payable with debit, credit or your Paypal balance. Please note I do not accept e-cheques or money orders.
  3. I reserve the right to change prices without warning. This does not affect clients already paid or waiting having already been accepted.
  4. If you require a deadline, you MUST let me know beforehand. You must give me at least two week’s notice, ideally a month. I will refuse any commissions with a deadline less than two weeks because of prior commitments and my work schedule, however smaller commissions may be accepted.
  5. There is a 25% fee for keeping a commission private. The reason for this fee is because it costs me advertising and exposure.
  6. There are additional fees for certain subjects, wings, complex details, complex characters and patterns etc. I will always alert you of a fee upfront. 

Edits and changes

  1. A rough sketch/layout is provided for all commission types, unless explicitly stated.
  2. Please make sure to take the time to look at the sketch and let me know ALL changes that need to be made, to ensure the commission flow is not disrupted. Sketches may be reworked 2-3 times after the initial sketch. If I feel I am being messed about, I may refuse to continue the commission and refund the money. Because of this, please be SPECIFIC with what you want.
  3. No edits can be made after I have started inking, unless they are minimal. The same applies to the colouring process. If I have forgotten something in the commission, it will be edited without charge.
  4. If I have too much trouble when drawing your commission, I may ask if it is possible to change the subject matter. If the client refuses, I will refund 100% of the payment.

Commission status and Contact

  1. Please do NOT contact me on social media regarding commission status. This includes telegram. You can view my commission status on my Trello. (Please note that some content may be of an adult nature)
  2. I only keep commission-related contact via email. Please ensure to check your email often and respond as soon as possible.
  3. l generally complete small commissions faster than large ones. Please do not get worried if you see me producing smaller commissions before your larger piece as it is just my work process.

Collaboration Commissions with Pyropaws

  1. Terms above apply to collaboration commissions
  2. Should one artist be unable to finish their half of the commission for any reason, the client will be offered a choice of i) a full refund, or ii) the remaining artist will complete the full commission
  3. The artists cannot be responsible for how the other artist interprets the references. If this leads to any inaccuracies in markings or colour, the artists will edit free of charge.
  4. After Neonpossum has finished the inking stage and it has been approved, all communications with the client will then be done via Pyropaws. 

If you have any questions regarding my TOS, please email me at